Absence doesn’t mean abstinence

I’ll admit it: I’m a reticent blogger. Three years have passed since I last posted, yet I’m always surprised to see the stats indicating that people are still looking and scrutinizing each and every photo.

To that end, I decided to post some of my projects from the last three years. Just because I’ve been absent from my own blog doesn’t mean I’ve abstained from woodworking.

First, the editors of Popular Woodworking Magazine asked if I would write an article about the making of the box from my “Creativity and lost sleep” blog entry. Because of unexpected family problems, the writing of this article turned out to be more difficult than I’d imagined. Keeping my mind focused on the article I was writing—and not obsessing on the family issue—made the process arduous, but Glenn Huey and Megan Fitzpatrick from PWM were gracious and kind, fixing my brain-blip errors and encouraging me to the article’s completion.

The article came out in the April 2014 issue (#210). In no particular order, I’ve included  some of the process photos for making the box.

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