Conclusion: Story of a tree limb/Red maple table finished

I’m happy to say the red maple table is home with its new owner. She wanted her favorite river rocks inset suiseki style: the wood cut out to accept the shape of the underside of the rock. Such was an arduous process, but she wanted to be able to pick up the rocks and set them back into their respective carved-out cups. She was happy with the result and excited about placing the low-set, 7′ table in front of her wall-to-wall, west-facing window.

Click on any photo for an enlarged view.


I spent most of my time carving the base pieces after studying hundreds of close-up photos of trees and examining every arboreal representative within a mile of my house. The customer specified “an organic look,” and a simple base wouldn’t do. When finished, I was glad I had persevered in tackling the carving. Two tree segments now hold up a piece of branch from the second largest red maple in North America.


Most satisfying of all, the wood grain included swirls and eddies, so the customer and I decided on rock placement where the grain looked like water flowing around them. The table’s name? Snag Creek.


Thank you for checking in and enjoying the results along with me.

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3 Responses to Conclusion: Story of a tree limb/Red maple table finished

  1. BarbS says:

    It came out Beautifully, Autumn! Congratulations.

    • Thanks bunches, Barb. The color and velvety texture surprised me. I tried something new: using a blow dryer to melt about a pint of beeswax into the top. I stood back and gawked, I have to admit.

  2. NancyJ says:

    A blow dryer?! Too funny. The table is beautiful, Autumn.

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