Thomas Jefferson-style revolving bookstand

After fifteen months of woodworking Zen, I’ve finally completed my version of the Thomas Jefferson-type revolving bookstand. The fiddleback maple bookstand includes thirty-two hand-cut mortise and tenons, wooden hinges on the five ratchet paddles, mother-of-pearl inlay on all of the breadboard ends, and a lovingly and laboriously applied French polish on each and every piece. Yes, I pimped TJ’s ride.

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4 Responses to Thomas Jefferson-style revolving bookstand

  1. Beautiful piece, Autumn! What is the history of the piece? It’s seems most conducive to being a music stand for a quartet.

  2. glen d huey says:

    Absolutely stunning. I’m so impressed with the work, finish and the idea that you “pimped” his ride. Very cool!

    • Thanks, Glen! The most gratifying outcome of making this piece is that I can now whip out a French polish with aplomb. It took all winter and a lot of practice, but one day it all came together in a rewarding aha moment.

      I look forward to seeing you at WIA in a couple of days. I’ll be sitting in on your discussion about broken arch pediments. See you then.

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