Wood-sample collection chest, part 3—designing the carvings in clay

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What have I found most difficult about working with clay? Most disconcerting has been the amount of shrinkage I’ve encountered, but then I have to admit, wood shrinks, too. The difference between clay and wood is that with clay, I … Continue reading

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Wood-sample collection chest, part 2—Lumber selection and clay modeling

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Years ago, as luck would have it, a fellow walked into the hardwood lumberyard where I worked and offered to sell me two 8/4 slabs of Cuban mahogany from a tree downed in southern Florida during Hurricane Andrew (1992). I … Continue reading

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Wood-sample collection chest, part 1—The importance of prototypes

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  Over a year ago, a friend and I began collaborating on ideas for a chest in which she could proudly house her wood-sample collection.  Barb, a turner, is working out plans for a tool storage cabinet similar to the … Continue reading

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Mahogany document box

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Even the simplest of boxes can be lovely. Bird’s-eye maple, Honduran mahogany, Gabon ebony and banding

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Red oak sewing cabinet/chest of drawers

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When one of my most admired associates decided it was time to retire from teaching English, I wanted to make something for her that she could use, not something that would add clutter to the home in woods where she … Continue reading

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Figured cherry chest with hidden latch

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In furtherance of playing catch-up, I must mention winning the Popular Woodworking Magazine “Excellence in Woodworking” award in 2013 for this veneered chest.  I was taken by surprise at the admiration by the readers, judges and editors of the magazine. … Continue reading

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Absence doesn’t mean abstinence

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I’ll admit it: I’m a reticent blogger. Three years have passed since I last posted, yet I’m always surprised to see the stats indicating that people are still looking and scrutinizing each and every photo. To that end, I decided … Continue reading

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